Who The Heck Am I


Step One) Listen to this ^

Step Two) Read the rest.

I’m Clare. I’m a young Canadian storyteller.

While that was made a little while ago- it’s still pretty accurate.

I spend most of my time fooling around with sound, photography, and words. I’m a podcaster, producer, and social media perfectionist.

I take photos, manage social media accounts, host radio shows, and produce podcasts, all of the links to which can be found on the right or in my portfolio. I’m also really good at making fun of myself on social media.

In 2017 I won first place in the Emerge Media Awards for Audio Storytelling, for a short ‘audio-auto-docu’ drama I produced called The Story Of 212.

I’ve worked with CKCU-FM in Ottawa, CKHC in Toronto, the FIR Podcast Network, CTV Winnipeg, and the CBC in Thunder Bay, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Hamilton. I was part of Humber College’s Transmedia Fellowship   doing digital sound design for an interactive web project in 2017.

My latest adventure is with the CBC in Edmonton, working as an Associate Producer/Technician on their Radio One Morning show, Edmonton AM.

I like to make things that sound nice, and tell stories. If I can help you do either, please, let me know: