Bio and Resume



My introduction to Radio Drama wasn’t perfect. Being lactose intolerant, my mother denied me hot chocolate. Nonetheless, we settled into the couch, I placed my head on her lap, and listened.

I’ve always been a storyteller. From a child who couldn’t stop talking, to a reporter hunting for the next big scoop, there’s always been something on the tip of my tongue.

Radio drama was my eye-opening experience into the world of creative audio, and inspired me to think outside of the box. I still do.

Deciding that I wasn’t interesting enough to tell my own story, I studied journalism at university. I dug deeper into audio and digital communications, partnering with local not-for-profits and student run organizations.

After graduation, I worked in digital journalism, telling a story online with social media and images. But try as I might I couldn’t replicate the feeling of closing my eyes, and seeing.

Going through my old writing, I realized I couldn’t escape my desire to tell stories; but more importantly, to tell them out loud.

Radio drama was my introduction to the power of audio storytelling, and the capability of radio.

I want to give that feeling to the next generation of listeners.