Well, we have officially spent a day in Dublin and I am in love.
It is such a busy, bustling, winding city that it never seems to sit still, and yet it has this incredible and rich history behind it. A few stolen moments in the garden of Dublin Castle, in Sweny’s Chemist (an establishment untouched since the 1920’s that now deals in readings of James Joyce’s work), Trinity College and the Abbey Theatre helped to reaffirm the incredible offerings of this city.
Much different than the quiet Northern city of Armagh, Dublin’s history is unique and the POV is just as independent. The people of the Republic of Ireland are very much Irishmen, and refuse to be referred to as anything else. The identity is that much different, and at the same time just as complicated as that of NI.
I look forward to seeing more of what this thousand-and-something year old city has in store for me over the next couple of days.







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