Young PR Pros Episode 127


The first 30 days are crucial in a new job. You can use these precious first days to form excellent first impressions that can lead to long-lasting relationships in your new organization.

Young PR Pros calls this the 30-day challenge. In this episode our hosts and producer will share their 30-day challenge tips and advice so you can make your first days at a new job count.

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Young PR Pros Episode 124

episode-124-blog recently posted an excellent article about the 16 common pieces of career advice that are actually false. They had members of the Forbes Coaches Council, talk about some common advice they’ve heard, and why it doesn’t really work. Some examples are no one hires in the summer, a resume must be one page, and do what you want and the money will follow.

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Young PR Pros Episode 123


During the Industrial Revolution, factories needed to be running around the clock so employees during this era frequently worked between 10-16 hour days. In the 1920s however, Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, decided to try something different: his workers would only work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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Young PR Pros Episode 122

ep 122 graphic

If this podcast were to go silent for 30 seconds, what would you do? Would you immediately switch over to another app, say Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to check what is going on until the podcast came back on air?

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‘Crazy-busy already’ low-income veterinary clinic opens in Waterloo Region

Kitchener’s East Village Animal Hospital offers veterinary services low-income residents can afford

By Clare Bonnyman, CBC News Posted: Aug 28, 2017

This cat, from the Toronto Cat Rescue, is one of dozens that will be spayed and neutered at the East Village Animal Hospital, a not-for-profit veterinary clinic, and the only in Waterloo Region. (Clare Bonnyman/CBC)

The East Village Animal Hospital is the first low-income veterinary clinic of its kind in the region, and is already high in demand after only being open a few weeks.

“We are crazy busy already,” said Ann-Marie Patkus-Cook, hospital manager.

As one of the only options for low-income pet owners, it’s not surprising that the hospital is gaining momentum fast.

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Kids at Junior Peacebuilders day camp assemble aid for refugees

Youth from 7-14 assemble relief kits for refugees ‘helping the world be a better place’

CBC News Posted: Aug 24, 2017

Twenty-nine kids from age 7-14 packed into the Mennonite Central Committee Warehouse in Kitchener, Ont. on August 23, 2017 to fill relief kits for refugees and learn about international aid relief. (Clare Bonnyman/CBC)

The last few days of summer holidays are precious to kids. But the 29 youths who gathered in the back of a Kitchener, Ont. thrift store warehouse this week for a day camp made their holiday a humanitarian effort.

The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)’s Peacebuilders Day Camp gathered public-spirited youngsters together to pack aid relief kits and take part in the “blanket exercise,” an education tool used to start conversations about reconciliation.

“We kind of see relief aid as this way to have a bigger conversation around how we use our lives to help our communities be a little bit better for all of us,” said organizer Carolyn Gray.

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Laurier establishes Indigenous Curriculum Specialist

The new position at WLU is one of few across the province, to connect culture and academic studies

CBC News Posted: Aug 24, 2017

Wilfrid Laurier University established an Indigenous Curriculum Specialist position this year, to help support the indigenization of the campus. (GatorEG/Wikipedia)

Wilfrid Laurier University has hired an Indigenous Curriculum Specialist, to help staff and faculty progress with the continued work of reconciliation in the post-secondary environment.

Erin Hodson, is one of only a handful of other ICS across Canada, and as a result the role is very much in development.

“It’s sort of being created as we go,” she said.


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Guelph Food Bank: demand grows 30 per cent

Pauline Cripps says that even with a 30 per cent increase in visits, the GFB still won’t turn anyone away

CBC News Posted: Aug 23, 2017

The Guelph Food Bank has continued to meet the needs of its community, despite a 30 per cent rise in visits from 2015-2016. This is largely in part to a matching increase in volunteers, according to Pauline Cripps. (Guelph Food Bank/Facebook )

The Guelph Food Bank is an important part of the community; now more so than ever, says Pauline Cripps, coordinator at the GFB.

The food bank saw a rise of 30 per cent in visits from 2015-2016, with 26,896 visits growing to 35,160.

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