Young Pr Pros Episode 110

Originally published on on July 12, 2016.

Episode #110: Women in PR


There are more female PR professionals than female nurses. That is a pretty staggering number, especially when only 20 percent of upper management PR roles are held by women.

Young PR Pros hosts Kristine, Ross and producer Clare welcome Talia Beckett-Davis, president and chairwoman of Canadian Women in Public Relations, to chat about the gender gap that exists in our industry. Canadian Women in PR officially launched on May 11, 2016 with a networking event that brought together a diverse group of over 100 women and men working in the public relations field.

“Our organization has big plans ahead and we’re working to contribute to Canada’s reputation as a PR industry leader,” Beckett-Davis said during her speech welcoming those in attendance.

In this episode we talk about what it means to be a feminist. Ross Simmons admits he is a feminist and even reveals that his role model and mentor is a female. We also ask ourselves: where do we go from here? We close out the show by discussing concrete tips and advice for young professionals, both male and female, looking to increase the gender parity in not just the PR and communications industry, but our whole society.

This is not the first time Young PR Pros talks about this important issue. Make sure to check out episode 107 where we discuss Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 50/50 cabinet, the pros and cons of filling gender and ethnic quotas, pay equality and asking for a raise.

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on gender parity? Do you have an example, or are you a young female professional doing something remarkable to address this issue?

Share your opinions by writing a comment below, or on our Facebook Page, send us an email or audio note at, or send us a message on Twitter @youngprpros.

Listen Here.

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