Guelph Food Bank: demand grows 30 per cent

Pauline Cripps says that even with a 30 per cent increase in visits, the GFB still won’t turn anyone away

CBC News Posted: Aug 23, 2017

The Guelph Food Bank has continued to meet the needs of its community, despite a 30 per cent rise in visits from 2015-2016. This is largely in part to a matching increase in volunteers, according to Pauline Cripps. (Guelph Food Bank/Facebook )

The Guelph Food Bank is an important part of the community; now more so than ever, says Pauline Cripps, coordinator at the GFB.

The food bank saw a rise of 30 per cent in visits from 2015-2016, with 26,896 visits growing to 35,160.

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Rise in food bank use hints at larger issue across region

The truth about food insecurity, is it’s not about food, says Public Health nutritionist

By Clare Bonnyman, CBC News Posted: Aug 21, 2017

food 1
Food banks across the country, such as this one in Toronto, are reporting increases in users. The Guelph food bank reported an increase in visits of 30 per cent from 2015-2016. (CBC)

Food security is not a food issue.

That’s a message that Lisa Needham, a Public Health Nutritionist in the Waterloo Region, struggles to get across.

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Prejudice may push low-income shoppers to unhealthy options

Guelph researcher finds stigma is more influential than finances when it comes to diet choices

CBC News Posted: Aug 15, 2017

Low-income Canadians feel less comfortable buying healthier foods, according to University of Guelph researcher Kelly Hodgins. (Elise Desrochers/CBC)

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