A Brief Introduction.

Welcome to my blog. My name’s Clare, and I am into just a little bit of everything. I’m passionate about writing, literature, art, fashion, old TV shows and movies, radio, music and travel; I’m passionately curious, and maybe a bit obsessive about learning. I’ve spent half my life in the woods of Northern Ontario, and the other half in the concrete jungle that is the GTA. I’ve worked for years to enter Carleton’s journalism program, and now that I’ve reached that dream I’m searching for the next one.

I’ve wanted to be a journalist, since I was a little girl and my mother braided my hair while we listened to The Current, with Anna Maria Tremonti. It was there, sitting in her lap, that I’d listen to Anna on the radio interviewing interesting people, asking the questions that I wanted to ask and getting the answers I needed. It was then that I learned that journalists are the people who get to expose the answers. Journalists get to dig deeper. Journalists get to explore subjects, people and stories. And it was then that I decided I wanted to be a journalist.

And I haven’t looked back since.