It’s a fruitful winter for Ontario icewine

Cold chilly temps have left icewine producers pleased, with many done their harvest weeks early.

By Clare Bonnyman, CBC News Posted: Dec 23, 2016 5:45

Icewine producers in Southern Ontario are happy after a cold December meant an early harvest. (Pillitteri Estates Winery)

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Parks are brown deserts: Here’s what’s feeling the heat in Hamilton

Posted: Jul 20, 2016

How the city is reacting to rising temperatures

dry 1
Dead grass is abundant in Hamilton’s Bayfront Park, and weeks of heat and little precipitation. (Clare Bonnyman/CBC News)

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A summer’s worth of heat this spring

Posted: Jul 01, 2016

Hamilton experienced a summer’s worth of days above 30 degrees in May and June

This spring Hamilton experienced 11 days of above 30 degree weather, almost double the number experienced throughout all of last year, according to Climatologist Dave Phillips. (Brad Pipe)

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